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About 160by2

The 160by2 is the messaging website/app by which you can send messages from all over the world. You can download the app here on Androidfry.com . With the aid of the 160by2 everyone will able to able to sent SMS in the CDMA and GMS phones. There are nearly 12 million people using the website to send the SMS every month. The 160by2 is the fastest and trustworthy portal to send the sms and it is the most secured portal. You don?t need to worry about the personal data, emails and mobile numbers because the service is most secured. If you are a first time user then you need to need to get registered in order to use the portal. Once you get registered you can definitely experience the amazing services offered by the site. You can type 160 characters in for one SMS.
Highlighted features of 160by2
- It allows you to send the free SMS to all countries including India.
- The app is user friendly and it is easy to work on the site
- The site is absolutely secure and there is no chance of hacking on this site.
- The site offers you to type 160 characters at a time for sending the SMS.
- The site also offers free mobile application so that you are allowed to send the free sms from the mobile phones also.
- If you are an advertiser, then you can contact this site and then your ad will be sent along with the free sms to any person around the world. If you need to wish someone on the birthday or anniversary and you have typed the message earlier then you can save it in the messenger and sent it later
- You can also maintain an address book and can send the SMS to at least 10 people at a time.
- There are some additional features of 160by2.
- The Via GPS feature of the 160by2 which allows you to send free sms from your GPS enabled device.
- There is no need to log in every time if you want to access the 160by2
- There is also a facility that can provide you to send SMS without the GPS system.
If you want to use the best SMS facilities then you need to use the 160by2. People might have used various kinds of SMS facility, but none will such facilities like this one. There are some features which can help you to get the facility. You can connect the friends with most easy way.

Version: 7.0
Requires: Android 2.1.x Or Higher
Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 81859
Category: Messaging
Licence: Free

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