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Snapseed is an amazing photo editing App created for Android users. This app helps you to perfect your photos instantly. It gives your Smartphone to have control and power of expert photo editing software, which was available only on the desktop earlier. With Snapseed, you can just adjust outlook, retouch, re-edit, and etc with your finger. Snapseed is the right app for your Android device as it does everything and it has several amazing features. Between Professional and Basic Snapseed gives you a good balance between professional and basic photo editing. It allows you to make adjustments for contrast, exposure, highlights and also provides a range of filters for immediate adjustments. You will definitely appreciate the filters provided by the Snapseed. The best part is, with Snapspeed you can edit all photos without damaging the original picture, so your original photo will be safe, you don?t need to worry about losing it. If you are not satisfied with your edits, then just undo the changes and you can always get back your original photo. Snapseed offers advanced features for more professional users like spot removal brush through which you can remove tiny spots or small blemishes from your pictures. This feature makes the photo look perfect for sharing on Facebook or on social media networking. Some of the best features of Snapseed include: RAW Develop: This feature allows you to adjust white balance and exposure, highlights, and tweak shadows, and you can add structure to DNG RAW photos, this option is available on latest devices. Details: This feature allows you to improve details with the conventional sharpening or the exclusive Structure control, which makes the photo pop out. Tune Image: It allows you to auto adjust for quick fixes. To create vibrancy and depth use Ambience, which can adjust the brightness, colors, contrast, and saturation, and more. These are some of the advanced features of Snapspeed. Download this App for free and enjoy your photographic experience.

Requires: Android 4.4+ Or Higher
Size: 27.5 MB
Downloads: 70970
Category: Photography
Updated: 2020-02-04
Licence: Free

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