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About AppLock

Applock has been very popular among the people all over the internet and there are many people who are using this app every day. Here are some of the highlights of Applock:
- It is the most downloaded app in Play store
-You can protect your privacy with passwords
-Passwords range of pattern, finger print etc
-Number 1 app in many countries
-There are about 100 million users of this app
-This app supports 24 languages
-This applock can also lock facebook, whatsapp, SMS etc
-This Applock can also hide pictures and videos
-There are photo vaults Time lock

Applock is one of the most popular apps in all the platforms. There are many people who are using applock. Here is some of the information that you might look for ?
-This app was last updated on May 4, 2016
-The size of the app varies with different devices
-The current version also varies with devices
-This app has been offered by DoMobile Lab

In some specific scenarios, your friend might want your mobile phone for a day of a two. In such cases, what if you do not want your friend to use your apps or access the picture or videos. Applock enables you to lock the applications that you want to lock. You can also hide the pictures and videos that you do not want to share with others in the picture and video vaults. Most of the people have the tendency to check other people phones and galleries. But in this case if you install Applock you can easily lock the galleries which will prohibit other people to see your images and videos. There are many private data that you generally store in your phone such as ATM Pin, passwords and many other such data. If you want to lock these data so that no one can see them, AppLock is the right way.
There are kids who can mess up with your settings and mails. To avoid such circumstances, you need Applock that will prohibit them to use the application and settings that you do not want to mess with. Years back it would have been impossible to imagine that finding maps would be in your palm. Basically, there are apps for everything. Some are successful while others are not. You have the whole world in your palm through your phone. Apps are so much in demand these days and there are many companies that provide phone App Development services. In the recent times there are many clients who are using the services of these companies all over the globe and these services are very popular.
Remember in the world of applications, the tiny and effective works. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while going for App locks. The first thing is that, not every user has good internet connections. In such cases, huge apps might not run that effectively due to the slow connections. While a small app might just do the trick. So while going for app locks, the first thing you should keep on track is to develop one such thing that is small and very effective. So install AppLock today.

Version: 2.21.1
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 4.1 MB
Downloads: 317667
Category: Security
Licence: Free

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