Chrooma GIF Keyboard

Chrooma GIF Keyboard

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About Chrooma GIF Keyboard

?Chrooma GIF Keyboard ? Emoji? is a lightweight and fast keyboard which will fulfill your needs in a very efficient manner. There will be pleasant chromatic feeling by using the app.
Developed by experts
The app, ?Chrooma GIF Keyboard ? Emoji? is developed by experts. The gestures are integrated. You can go through many gestures and they can be integrated in the best possible way. You can select them fast or delete them quickly as per your needs.
Multilanguage support
The keyboard supports multiple languages. You will not want to switch over to new keyboard. It has one hand mode and switch layout as well. If you activate the one hand mode, you can type faster with the help of the thumb.
Perfect blending
There will be perfect blending with the chrooma keyboard. However, you will be able to choose various kinds of styles and fonts as per your convenience.
Faster typing
By using the split layout, there will be faster typing. If you are tired of tapping, you can go for swipe. Everything can be written just by swiping and there will not be any issues.
It is possible to set a timer and the program can be made in night mode.

Version: 4.0.2-minApi21
Requires: Android 5.0 Or Higher
Size: 18.9 MB
Downloads: 3048
Category: Personalization
Licence: Free

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