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About CM Browser

CM Browser is extremely light web browser, which can protect your device from different types of threats, while at the same time you will get very fast speeds for browsing.
CM Browser uses a real-time protection. The app will always protect you against sites that are labeled as phishing sites or sites that have some malicious software. Additionally, all applications that you download on your smartphone are thoroughly scanned and examined, so there will not be any possible infection or installation of harmful materials. Inside the CM Browser you have an options menu, where you can set time for automatic real-time scans of your smartphone. Not only that, but you can also create a safe list of applications, which will not be scanned and will be considered reliable and safe.
CM Browser`s top feature is that it has a minimalistic and clean interface. You will easily get used to it, and moving around has not been easier. There are plenty of different features, which can also be found on other browsers, but they are accessed in a very quick way.
The following are some of its top features:
1) Pop-up blocker. Very handy feature, which blocks opening multiple windows that will block your screen.
2) Full screen mode. You have one tiny button at the bottom of the browser which you can flip on and off. However, the navigation buttons are not hidden when you use the full screen mode.
3) Incognito browsing. One great thing is that you can go private browsing while you are on a specific web page, instead of opening a completely new tab and then going back to see the web page.
4) Web page translator. Good option if you want to see the web page in other language besides English.
5) Night mode. The lighter web pages can be dimmed and turned darker to protect your eyes.
6) Nice animations and smooth browsing. On the left side you have all the options, the overview of tabs is very simple and nice, and everything runs smoothly. The design is excellent and the browser is easily integrated with Clean Master.
The features are not the only things for you to have in mind when choosing a browser, but stability and speed should come first. However, a good thing is that CM Browser checks into that category and browsing is very fluid and quick. Cheetah Mobile are the developers of this browser, and according to their words this browser has a full protection from viruses and different harmful software.
Latest trend today is the smaller size browsers, without any complex features. CM browser fills into this category, as its size is less than two megabytes. That sounds a bit surprising, because the browser is full of features and has plenty of different abilities. Maybe one con of this application is that is does not include anti-theft features or firewall. In any case this is one of the better web browsers in the sea of similar browsers for online surfing.

Version: 5.20.68
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 4.9 MB
Downloads: 753891
Category: Browsing
Licence: Free

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