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About Dailymotion

Dailymotion is an online video watching and sharing platform. One can watch the various Tv shows and movies online. Dailymotion is android application which is available for free.
Features of Dailymotion application:
Dailymotion application is used for video sharing.
Daily Motion is a worldwide application in 18 languages and 35 versions for local content.
Around 300 million users for dailymotion application.
It allows the users to upload and search videos in channels and by searching tags.
We can upload a video of maximum 4GB.
The users can also recommend the videos to the other users and suggest other users subscribe to other channels.
The views of the uploaded video are monitored to make a video as the trending one.
The audio format in our videos is converted into 96 Kbit/s.
Mostly the daily motion is used for advertising on the websites.
The feature “fingerprinting” is introduced in daily motion application to avoid the copyright violation.
The videos copyrights can be easily tracked by a program in dailymotion application.
The homepage for dailymotion application is written in PHP and the video player is coded with HTML5 for the motions in the video.
Connecting with Facebook helps us easier searches.

Version: 1.30.09
Requires: Android 4.4+ Or Higher
Size: 10.6 MB
Downloads: 14224
Category: Media & Video
Updated: 2018-09-06
Licence: Free

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