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Digitally Imported Radio

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About Digitally Imported Radio

?Digitally Imported Radio? is a great music app for mobile users. The app gives you access to more than 90 electronic channels. There will be great music listening experience and all your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way.
Selected by electronic music enthusiasts
The music is hand-picked by electronic music enthusiasts from all over the world. You can easily find your favorite styles which include House, Trance, Dance, Lounge, Ambient and Chillout. All these channels are available in the intuitive design.
Easy to discover new music
New music can be discovered very easily with the app,? Digitally Imported Radio?. By applying style filters, you can find and save your favorites very easily.
Explore the calendar
The calendar will let you know about the DJ shows and live broadcasts. The list of styles can be used very easily. You will go through user-friendly layout. The music can be streamed from the open app or from the background.
View current radio shows
The current and upcoming radio shows can be viewed in the app, ?Digitally Imported Radio?. The sleep timer can be used to fall asleep to music and there will not be draining of your data plan.
Your favorite tracks and channels can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 32.8 MB
Downloads: 2826
Category: Music
Licence: Free

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