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Easy Voice Recorder

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About Easy Voice Recorder

Lectures and notes are easily recorded by the Easy Voice Recorder. It is simple and easy to record audio and videos by this software. We can use reliable to record our meetings, classes, personal notes and much more. There are no time limits. It can record high quality PCM and AAC. AMR is used to save space.Sharing and managing of recordings can be done by this recorder. Recording can be done in the back ground. Home screen widget can control the recordings. Additional power and control is offered by its pro version. Record can be made with in stereo or blue tooth microphone. We can be able to skip silent segments of the recordings. We can also translate the language. Organization and manages of folders and savings of the recordings into the SD card can be done by this software. Camcorder microphone helps in louder and clearer recordings.

Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 3.8 MB
Downloads: 8140
Category: Music
Licence: Free

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