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About imo Messenger

Video chat with your friends and family using IMO for free. It doesn?t matter on what device they are using. Use your 2G,3G,4G plans or on your WiFi connection.
Why IMO?
Known to be amongst the popular chat service providers, IMO gives you a feeling of face to face talks. The service allows you to complete video calls by downloading this app. IMO lets you to import accounts from other services like Facebook, MSN, Google plus, Yahoo, Jabber, AIM, Hyves, Jabber and all. All the accounts can be added to your new IMO account.
Know about the features
1. You can be connected with friends having IMO app, and send invitation to others to try out this awesome app.
2. IMO promises you to make high quality video calls as well as voice calls. Just start your gossip with friends, family, roommates and others.
3. IMO video calling lets you to join with existing IMO features, such as group text chats,?video messages and voice messages.
4. You can share photos and videos too.
5. Certain benefits can be obtained by communicating with other account holders. You can talk without texting. If you are on with some other person having IMO, you don?t need to use text box as you can navigate to a totally innovative video chat facility or voice call.
6. These voice calls will behave like your phone calls. No extra bills, or charges, but a 4G, 3G, or may be a good WiFi connection.
7. Quality of video and audio is pretty nice. You can enjoy a smooth call without any hazards like app crashing, video freezing etc.
8. By using IMO, you are getting the opportunity to access instant messages via the in call menu, no problem if you are in a video call using IMO then.
9. And the best news is it?s very safe for you too. All your video calls or voice calls or chats get encrypted to protect you from any kind of risks associated with cybercrime.
To summarize
With IMO you can welcome all regular talkers or infrequent one in one place. People who feel lazy to use different types of apps for different chat friends that they have, for them IMO is an ultimate solution. So if you don?t have IMO yet, give it a shot. It will make your way of communication much easier and entertaining. Give rest to your hands as well as fingers after a tiresome day and be on with IMO. Start with the current version is as it is offering better video quality and improvement in network. So don?t wait. If you have IMO app, start your story. Or else download it and get started.

Version: 9.8.000000004241
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 6.1 MB
Downloads: 827130
Category: Messaging
Licence: Free

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