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If you just love to search different kind of applications available for your smartphone and are always ready to download them, Mobomarket may be the right place for you. Mobomarket is a third-party Android appstore that is a rest-house for many apps which are not present in the Google Play store.?It has been 2 years after initial launch. Now with the latest version of Mobomarket you can enjoy a much smoother user experience. Get free games, wallpapers and apps for your smartphone. It holds over 500,000 apps, 100% free. They have got 100 million users worldwide. This app is popular now, in North America, South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa too.
1) You may not find something on play store, but you will obviously get it in Mobomarket. Because of that, there was a misconception among people or internet users, that this application may not be safe enough. But this is not an issue. Many applications cannot enter to Play Store because of their conflicts with play store?s policy. All apps have got the green signal from Kaspersky and Baidu Antivirus scan. This gives you a better app environment with better security. And these applications are quite safe to use.
2) It is not a huge application. You may think that it will take a large space in your phone memory. The truth is that it may contain thousands of applications, but they all are just a little more than 3MB in size. You can download this amazing market place by deleting some unnecessary things if you don?t have any space left in your phone memory.
3) This app helps you by suggesting you similar applications to the ones you are already using. If you really like a particular kind of game, you will be happy to download such games on your phone. Mobomarket just helps you to find them.
4) There are other interesting features too, and those are actually useful, reliable and easy to use. Mobomarket has perfectly integrated a Wi-Fi connection feature. Mobomarket allows users to manage everything on their android from their personal computer, wirelessly. If you work with Moborobo, the smartphone PC manager.
6) This can be downloaded on personal computers too. Users can keep a backup of applications on their PC and reuse them when they need. So the great part is, if you accidentally delete any applications, you can recover it from your pc?s back up; sounds really good.
7) Well, this application helps android app developers by reducing their work-headache. They update their applications and put them to the Mobomarket team. The app suggests their app to a proper client and takes good care of them.

We can say that everything Mobomarket team do is based on what we want. This marketplace is solely organized according to our needs. They support multiple language and locally developed apps too. It is a nice gift from Moborobo Inc., one of the leading Android sync software and application developers. User friendly, integrated and one stop application store for your smartphone, Mobomarket is a new success of Moborobo Inc.

Requires: Android 2.2 Or Higher
Size: 5.62 MB
Downloads: 2366660
Category: Browsing
Licence: Free

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