Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

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About Poweramp Music Player

The Poweramp Music Player is a best music player Android app. They have the best features and customizations. Apart from the themes you can choose by default, you can also download more from the Google Play store. It gives you a choice to lock the screen with a password. It has a straight forward process, where it scans all the music you have on your device and you can press rescan if you add on more tracks. You can also create your own playlist and equalizers which presents the sliders, bass and treble controls and a separate tab controls for tones and volume.

Version: 2.0.10-build-588-play
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 6.3 MB
Downloads: 298017
Category: Music
Licence: Free

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Rating: 4.03/5 (61 votes)
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