Prisma: Photo Editor APK

Prisma: Photo Editor APK

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About Prisma: Photo Editor APK

Prisma is a new App that was launched in June, and it immediately created a storm in the global social media with its outstanding canvas art related filters. The Prisma app is designed exclusively for iOS. The company claims that Prisma app allows the users to convert their pictures into a piece of artwork, subsequent the styles of Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan, etc.
It depends on artificial intelligence and visual networks to turn your picture into a work of art helps you steer the internet with your creativity. The Smartphone users created a trend and now it has gone infectious and every user wants to try this new app and see how it works. The concept of the App is very simple, you just need to upload a picture, and then press next and choose the filter that works best for you.
There are several filters and each filter has a name, including Curtain, Impression, Mondrian, Running in the storm, etc., and you can select to describe the greatness of a filter that you relate.
The Prisma app was initially accessible for iOS users only, but, now the company has officially announced Prisma for Android. This app is free to download, and you can download it from the Google Play Store. Prisma contains 34 filters and generates results in 1:1 ration creating images that perfectly fits for Instagram sharing.
You can also get more reviews and watch videos on how the app actually works. After releasing Prisma on iOS, and within a few weeks the Company launched Prisma on Android after completing a successful beta test. Prisma app provides artistic effects through cloud-computing and makes your normal picture look like a work of art. It is different from filters that you find apps like VSCO and Instagram. This is because Prisma can recognize objects within a picture and wisely change the filter performance according to the photo requirements.
In simple words, with Prisma app, you can transform your normal photo into a piece of artwork using the techniques of famous artists, including Munk, Picasso, et., and helps you create a picturesque moment by using memorable moments (Photos) and produce a timeless art.
The app takes only a few seconds to use the filter, and in just a few minutes you can get beautiful and stunning results. Prisma allows users to share their creations directly on Facebook and Instagram and makes others inspired with the artwork. For the same reason, many people spend several hours in editing photos.
Prisma APK for Android:
The Android users can download Prisma APK and immediately they can use the filter to create the magic. The main intention of designing Prisma is to turn your usual photos into a piece of artwork using filters and turn the image into a beautiful painting. The app uses all artificial intelligence to understand images and it understands how to use or apply a filter to each photograph, as the app comes with a wide range of filters, and it also allows you to preview the picture before you choose the filter.
The app contains several filters, which allow you to apply them on an image. Each filter offers various kinds of art techniques. The Prisma is similar to Instagram, but it is a better app that offers 30 types of filters to choose from. You can choose a different art style and color schemes from cubism style to pencil shaping and much more.

Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 5.0 MB
Downloads: 258252
Category: Photography
Licence: Free

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