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About Quora

Quora is basically a question-answer android application. One can ask whatever query they are having regarding any topic you will always find relevant answers.
Features of Quora Application: Quora application is founded by the former Facebook employee.
In quora site, the users can ask any queries and that can be answered by anyone of the user who is using this application. Simply it is said to be the question-answer site.
In case if we find any changes in the answer made by the other user we can edit them by using our account.
The user can gain depth knowledge about any topic they want to know.
It has around 200million of users.
Quora is developed for the users like personal blogger.
It even can accessed by mobiles.
We can follow some great people like Obama, Clinton.
Quora allows the users to search any kinds of topics.
A simple query of ourselves can get many different answers and clarifications.
We can also suggest and can conclude all the opinions of the related answers.

Version: 2.4.13
Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 27.1 MB
Downloads: 8513
Category: Social
Licence: Free

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