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Truecaller: Caller ID

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About Truecaller: Caller ID

Truecaller - Caller ID has been released an update to the phone to its iPhone App that brings the Live Caller ID functionality to the iPhones. With the integration of Truecaller - Caller ID in Live Caller Id, the iPhone owners can check in real time who is calling even if they don?t have the number of the caller. The Truecaller - Caller ID app scan the number in real time against the crowd source database and try to put the name against each number. Know about the features
Now let?s talk about the features of the Truecaller - Caller ID.
It makes it possible to identify the number from where the call is coming and person who is calling. It required a 3 G or wireless network.
It helps to block calls and avoids the scam calls and offers the accessibility of having the top spammer list and makes it simple to stop calls from all the number reported as spam or junk.
The Truecaller - Caller ID helps you to do the free reverse look of any mobile and it means that the caller ID can obtain all the contact details of the number.
This caller id is applicable to all the countries.
This is available in all the mobile platforms like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and Android phones
It is also possible to use the Truecaller - Caller ID online by visiting the website.
It is possible to find out the contact of any person from any remote places and this service is paid. You will also need to get the caller id credits.
You can tweet a person from the twitter and follow him directly, from the Truecaller - Caller ID.
You can have the option of getting in touch with people with the name search
It helps in the integration of business search results.
Helps you to get a copy of the number and will tell you whose number is it.
The truecaller web enabled caller id workers to identify the incoming calls from the user device. The same thing is achieved when the caller is not among the users list of contacts. The apps also display the feedbacks on the incoming call from the past recipient. Such feedbacks will indicate whether the number is spam or a useful one. The spam identification features help you to stop calls from the pranksters and unwanted person. The data of the Truecaller - Caller ID can check around 1.7 billion numbers where in the callers who have marked as scammer or solicitor with such levels in Caller Id.

Version: 7.82
Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
Size: 8.7 MB
Downloads: 161469
Category: Utility
Licence: Free

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