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About TubeMate

When you are looking for the best YouTube video downloader the Tubemate app can help you to download YouTube videos in HD quality. This app is a great option when you want to have the local copies of video without having to worry about the connection to the data network. You can install it Tubemate by going directly to the download page. You can also use the website to download the app and make a copy of the app. Once you download the Tubemate you will able to download the videos from the You Tube at will without facing many hazards.
Relevant features of TubeMate
1) With the use of Tubemate you will not see any of the annoying ads. So you can download the YouTube videos with ease. Though there are some ads, but it will make the users feel bore since these are not forced ads.
2) It helps you to download popular videos from not only YouTube, but from the Metacafe, Naver, Vinmeo and Daily motion also.
3) This app has been given the ad free mode and the design is an attractive part of the feature.
4) There is a search bar which will give you enough option to choose the video that you like and search it in the app.
5) You also have the option of choosing the downloading location. The desired setting is the internal SD card, but if you desire to change it, then you can go for the external SD cards also.
6) Another feature of the Tubemate is that it supports audio files and you can download the ACC file formats.
7) There is also the option of downloading the multiple videos in the background and you can also check the number of videos that are downloaded at a time.
8) There is also the scope of downloading the videos of various resolutions.
If you are seeking for a friend who can help you to download videos without any hazards then you can use Tubemate. After you download the file, then you can open the file in the Astro file manager. You can also have the option of opening the app in folders. But you should not download the app from the undesired location because it won?t allow you to install the app. So don?t waste your time if you want to see the videos. You can also share the apps with your friends.

Version: 1.0
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 1.6 MB
Downloads: 367596
Category: Media & Video
Licence: Free

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