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Uber is an international mobile ride company, which gives people the possibility for faster, reliable and more economical transport. Uber has developed and operated under the mobile application that allows its customers that have smartphones to request a trip somewhere. Then the request is directed towards Uber drivers that use their personal vehicles, and they come to pick you up and transport you wherever you want. Uber is available to over sixty countries worldwide and it covers over 300 cities.
With Uber you can get a fast, but reliable and safe ride. There is no need for previous reservation or endless waiting of taxis. You can choose a low cost fare, but you also have the option for a more expensive premium Uber ride. You can create your Uber account by using your Pay Pal account or credit card. Your Uber ride is charged automatically as soon as your fare ends. As a confirmation you receive an e-mail with the payment details and details about the trip. With their application, you can track the car that is about to pick you up right on your smartphone. This is pretty good, as it gives you possibility to know where the car is at all times, and at what exact time it will arrive.
The pricing of Uber drives is almost the same as in taxis that have meters, but the main difference is that the payment is not made directly to the driver, but the company takes care of that. Tips are neither required nor necessary. The price of the rides is usually calculated on time basis. In India, Uber started experimenting with cash payments for the rides in some of the cities. Regarding India, the operator Airtel India allows its users to pay for the Uber services by using the mobile wallet, without additional charges.
Besides using Uber service, you can also earn some money if you decide to drive your car as a part of the Uber service. By driving your own car you can meet many new people and help them reach their destination. You would be your own boss and will be constantly on the move. Driving schedule is totally up to you, and you can drive all the time or just a couple of hours per week. If you want a part-time, seasonal job then this is a great option for you. All you have to do is to download the application and follow the instructions.
How exactly does the application work? All you have to do is just to switch on the application when you decide you want to transport riders. Inside the app there is a GPS navigator, so you can easily and quickly reach your destination. You will get paid on weekly bases, depending on how many rides have you done, and the money are going straight to your designated bank account.
In order to get started, you need to do just a couple of simple steps. Just open an account at the site and start the Uber application. Write down the necessary information about your vehicle and download the application. As soon as you get an approval and successfully register, you can start driving.

Version: 3.131.4
Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 29.7 MB
Downloads: 63583
Category: Utility
Licence: Free

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