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About VOOT

Voot is an android application to watch all type of TV programs such as serials, favorite movies, and songs of various musicians, news, sports channels and also kids’ channels are highly available in color format as you watch TV. You can also watch the missed programs in your free time; it is made as a mini TV for unique people to be entertained in their own style. Voot provides information all over the world and also your required needs.
Features of Voot App:
Voot app is a type of video with ferocious aggressiveness from people for the top view of the unique videos from the developers. People are with full of craze to attract a maximum number of votes than their competitors.
The information about the app or your doubts can be asked to make it easy and simple to use it gives a ready answer for any type of questions from the viewers.
This also upgrades personal and the opponent clarity of videos with various models with high-level performance and keeps you busy all times.
Voot has the ability to maintain all type of response from the public such as reply, track, delete and little other information regarding the video, by making good communication with the unknown.
One of the easy ways to know the result of your performance it acts as a report for all the views and updates where the opponent does not have this type of facility.
Voot app also provides voting and commenting sections for the viewers as to know and how to develop the features even better.
It helps you to view the most popular videos and also gives the best result of your search for what you need, that responds faster.
This can be helpful to track the views and likes in the form of data compared to other videos easily by this app so as to know your status of the video published.

Version: 1.6.96
Requires: Android 4.2 Or Higher
Size: 19.5 MB
Downloads: 4691301
Category: Media & Video
Licence: Free

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Rating: 3.91/5 (550 votes)
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