Walk Band - Multitracks Music

Walk Band - Multitracks Music

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About Walk Band - Multitracks Music

With the powerful android app, ?Walk Band - Multitracks Music?, you will get access to virtual musical instruments. There are many features to produce original sounds from various instruments like piano, guitar, bass, and multi-tracks synthesizer.
Play your favorite music
You can play your favorite music with the help of the app, ?Walk Band - Multitracks Music?. As you add drum beats and guitar chords to the piano, there will be rich melody.
The app, ?Walk Band - Multitracks Music? comes with impressive features. It is possible to play your favorite music everywhere without any issues. External HDMI Keyboard over USB is also supported by the app.
Quality app
The best musical instruments app will let you experience rich musical experience. There will be studio audio quality and all your needs are fulfilled in the best possible way.
Drum kit and drum machine
You can play analog feature with the ?drum kit?. Beats can be played while you playback your favorite music. The app can be used in the drum pad mode as well. You can set tracks as ringtones also.
It is possible to play beats while you playback your favorite mp3. You can enjoy various demo beats including rock, ballad, disco and latin rock.

Version: 6.4.5
Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
Size: 32.2 MB
Downloads: 4334
Category: Music
Licence: Free

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