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About ZERO Launcher

?ZERO Launcher? is a smart launcher for Android 4.0 and higher apps. It has much launcher theme, wallpapers and backgrounds as well. The app can adapt to most of the languages in a very efficient manner.
The salient features of the app are small size, fast speed and simple operation. The RAM occupied by the app is very small. It comes with battery saving features.
Folders can be customized very easily. Intelligent app categorization, arrangement and smart switch are useful features. Phone functions can be used conveniently with the smart switch.
Lock screen
The lock screen can be customized. You can use pictures of your choice to lock the screen. ?ZERO Launcher pro,smart,boost? helps in the personalization of the phone. Free themes will be updated constantly. Free HD wallpapers can be accessed as per your needs.
Acceleration of phone
Through the ?booster for android? feature, you can accelerate your phone automatically. You can manage schedule with the help of clock and weather widget.
Launcher theme
You can download new themes freely and the home screen can be customized as per your needs. HD wallpapers will be upgraded on a constant basis. The transition effects achieved in this process include cool scroll effects and 3D scroll effects.

Version: 3.1.2
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 7.8 MB
Downloads: 2724
Category: Personalization
Licence: Free

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