Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

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About Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery is a adventure game and in this game, you need to do investigation and need to solve the mystery. Some similar games like adventure Escape are Criminal escape and Mystery Manor, but these are not interesting as compared to Adventure Escape. It is the best game in terms of mystery solving, and you will also get the puzzle in the game and that will be very interesting. It is the detective game, and you can enjoy millions of happy adventure
The great point of the game is you can enjoy the beautiful graphics with haunting scenes, and you can find a great story behind the mystery. The whole game is free, you can easily download it from play store several interesting puzzles which are very great, and there are different tools in the game which will help you in investigation. It is the ultimate adventure game, and every person enjoys the game as it is free in play store.

Version: 1.24
Requires: Android 2.3.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 13545
Category: Adventure
Licence: Free

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