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Age of Kingdom

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About Age of Kingdom

Be a brave warrior king and lead a courageous army who show no mercy to your enemies and save your kingdom form evil and wicked villains. The current version of Age of Kingdom: Empire Clash is 1.4.4 and this game can be downloaded with only 47M and you can purchase this game as it is now in app purchase.
For building your kingdom, players can collect resources and they can further recruit the soldiers and train them in order to form an army which is a nightmare for the enemies and kill them in one move. Your soldiers have to be kind with the people and save their life from the evil ones.
Besides this, here are the features of this game: ? Online chatting mode is available for players so they can chat with the other players while playing it online.
? Characters are designed with unique skill and features and with so many options available for you, go for the furious battle and be a deadly soldiers for your enemies.
? World map is really a unique feature as it is not a common one in most of the games. Through world map, you can compete with your friends and it helps you to make new and effective strategies.
? In the game, fuels and resources are limited so it is advisable to players that they play smart game and make optimum use of the available resources.
? The game also include online marketplace feature in which you can trade your strategic resources which make this game little easier for you.
? You should choose different items carefully as right items will be upgraded faster.
Besides all of this, for gaining experience players can participate in multiplayer?s battle or either in solo player battle and get more equipments and gems.

Version: 1.4.4
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 7093
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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