Clash of Mafias

Clash of Mafias

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About Clash of Mafias

Clash of Mafias game is meant for android phone users in which the players have to form their own clan in the city in order to remove out all the enemies and competition in the city. Game features are flexible in which players can make their own set of rules and in this way they become the city godfather. Well, the most important thing of the game is that there is no hero in it as the players are criminal who compete with other criminals in order to create their own criminal empire.
For you gangs, players can even develop and create base in the city. Besides this, you can recruit and hire different and new gang members and each of the members specialized in some skills, talent and weapons. The most amazing part of the game is cunning traps which are very useful for defeating the most dangerous enemies and you will easily deal with them.
Now, let?s look for the other features of the game: ? The game has great graphics. The game looks amazing and design of the game is designed with extreme perfection.
? Variety of characters provides you different options throughout the game. Each character is meant for different purpose and missions and this offer you versatility in the game.
? Game control is good. ? With absorbing gameplay, players learn this game with one or two attempts and slowly become the master of this game.
At last for playing this game players need an internet connection. So, let?s get ready to be the king of your city and clan.

Version: 1.0.65
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 6377
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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