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About Davey's Mystery

This is really the wonderful action packed game that has so many amazing features that people love playing it. The story line is the ultimate thing of this game which makes it more exciting. The game story is somewhat unique where a man gives the player entire secluded state with just single key. Now player is supposed to investigate home of such man named Davey.
The amazing format of game is that it is classic point along with click adventures. The Davey?s mystery is the best as it gives environment for investigation that helps in interactive devices to be used by player during game.
Also the objects are to be discovered during the way for reaching to Davey. The secrets things are also there that are waiting all the way for being discovered and found by player. Most people believe the scenic graphics are best bet in this type of game. Such mesmerizing graphics are one thing of Davey?s Mystery game which attracted so many players.
The music is terrific which makes game even more exciting. The combination of classic yet different story, music and graphics has led to making this game much preferred choice of players and most downloaded during recent time.

Version: 1.9
Requires: Android 2.3.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 7282
Category: Puzzle
Licence: Free

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