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Galaxy Control: 3d strategy game is must played games if you are lover of space based game. This ultimate combat game offer 3D graphics with fast paced combats. Game includes laser tower, deadly weapons, armies, air units etc. Your aim is to become the winner of the galaxy by defeating the most challenging players and enemies. ? The game is free to play and you can download it either from Goggle play or any other website.
? For upgrading your base, players have to get minerals and uranium and all these things must be extracted by the players.
? The game laser tower is the most lovable game feature of this game. Laser tower is use to protect the base camp in the game. Besides this, there are other weapons are used like missiles, cannons, mine and walls to protect the base.
? There are more than 11 units armies and these units include air and ground units. Through this features, players can play this game effectively in every dimension of the game like water, terrestrial or sky.
? Because of its social features, players can win the fame pints and resources of other players. This features is not new but unique as you have to battle with other online players in order to save your points and resources.
? Campaign mode makes add more thrill and adventure in this game. Players get around 30 missions in the campaign mode and each mission is a test of your gaming skills and abilities.
? Game also includes hidden surprise and you have to unlock them only then you will be able to complete goals and achievement.
At last there are few things new in it and i.e. invisible ghost, blast leaves and ravens which attack on your enemies from sky.

Version: GI_2.68.74
Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 11886
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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