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Greed for Glory

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About Greed for Glory

The game is about the battle between two Kingdom and you have to battle with the for your kingdom dignity. The kingdom war is epic as you have to fight with the rival kingdoms. You aim to bring the glory to your kingdom and Greed for Glory: War Strategy offers you brilliant defense game and the fantasy world of the game is colorful and you have to make strategy for war. Your army includes knights, wizards, elves and other fantasy creatures. All these creatures are in your army and because of them the battle is exciting and fun. In this game, you have to save your kingdom by hook or crook. You should use all the tactics to manipulate your enemies.
Follow are the features of the game: ? Its kingdom vs. kingdom battle is the most exciting part of the game as there are no more evil or bad people. Both the sides of the game are fighting for their kingdom and there is no villain and no hero.
? The game consists of 96 campaigns and from this you can assume that the level of adventure battle experience is very high of this game.
? Through ranking system you can make your kingdom number one by defeating your opponent.
? Through game modification you can transform the small village into a lavish and impenetrable fortress.
? The number of technological ages in the game is eleven. These technologies help you to progress fast.
? Along with construction players can construct the towers, iron quarries, trebuchets, gold mines etc.
? It seems like recruitment system become very famous in gaming world as like other games you have an option to recruit the fantasy creatures for making your army stronger.
When it comes to strategy games, Greed for Glory: War Strategy game offers you another world experience and with its unique gameplay makes this game epic.

Version: 19.0
Requires: Android 2.3.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 5773
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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