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Legend of Empire

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About Legend of Empire

MMO war game offers you a perfect and legendary war gaming experience. Its tactic planning and strategic combat combination is perfect. The game theme includes medieval Elves continent in which players have to establish a beautiful and peaceful empire by making the land free from evil entities. The storyline at the beginning is presented in a way interesting manner through the story plot is same.
Features of the game: ? Empire building This game feature makes this game out of world experience. In it, in order to revive the empire plans should be made by regarding the construction of city. The game also includes units of troops which are of different types. These troops in the game fight together for the protection of your city. You can go for different types of soldiers like dwarfs, treants, Faerie dragon etc to fight from your side.
? Real time combat Well, this feature is not new but every game real time feature differs from each other. Players can control their troops through March animation. For defeating enemies tactics like scout, attack, defense etc can be used.
? Increase your power Ancient Elves in the game will help you in your mission. They have elf heroes named summon who help you in the battle. You can utilize your gems and luxury equipments for increasing the power of your elf heroes.
? Social feature of the game With the worldwide players, you can take their help for conquering the kingdom from enemies. You can establish friendly relationship with your alliance and they can share their rewards and techniques with you so you should beat your enemies.
Other than this, combat animation feature let you to see the organization of your army. So, all these amazing features help you to become the unbeatable emperor of the kingdom.

Version: 2.4.14
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 7005
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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