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You can say that it is the ultimate strategy game, in this game you can draw the sword and also can choose hero according o your own choice. The similar game is stormfall: rise of balur but Little Empire is best from all game. In the game you can expand your territory and can fight with the different players of the world with the help of online medium. There are millions of players who use to play this game online and you can do battle from them very easily. It is the real time strategy game with the PvP mode. In this game you can view the magic shields, sky arches, jungle trolls, holy priests, many blood riders this all use to give the great adventure.
This game is designed as the land for war and you will fight for the victory in game this will give you the ultimate scores. The great feature of game is it is free to play and you can create various strategies which will give you real fun. There are three heroes who are introduced in game and all have different magic skills and they can work when you need them. In whole game you will get 30 GVG battles and with great intense. You can also decorate hundreds of building which are there in your kingdom just become the legendary dragon slayer and defeat the dragon Dorck and all other bosses to win the game.
Total 12 units are introduced in game and you can level up by your special skills. Just have the experience of seal adventure and fantastic battles this will give you richer awards. Upgrades for equipment are there in game and the game is very great just create the best strategy and you will be level up in game.

Version: 1.25.0
Requires: Android 2.2.x Or Higher
Downloads: 6833
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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