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About Pirate Power

Pirate Power is some kind of different types of the role playing game which is offered by the Godzilab Inc. on the store of the Google play. Age of Pirates RPG is similar of this game because it is also a role playing game. In this game the gamer has to grow their fleet of the pirates and also they have to build their islands. The gamers have to recruit the pirates, fight the battles which are epic, and also the gamers have to explore the treasures and earn the gold. There are many of the huge bosses in the game which the gamers have to defeat with their pirates. There are boats in the game which helps the gamer to beat the bosses.
And these boats can easily customizable by the gamers which help in defeating the bosses. There is a big universe of the pirates in the game Pirate Power which is rich and also it is full of adventure. There are more than 60 heroes in the game and all are having the unique and powerful powers. There are approx 200 boat parts in the game which the gamer can collect and make their use for making the boats powerful. The gamer can also do the fight with the friends in the PvP arenas.

Version: 1.2.120
Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 6856
Category: RPG
Licence: Free

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