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Rally Racer Dirt

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About Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt is not your regular racing game with a bunch of other cars you are competing with but a drift based rally game. You get different views and different tracks, not to mention the wide range of car choices that you get. In Rally Racer Dirt you can with hill climb, real dirt drift, and asphalt drift. Geeky people use your physics knowledge to race through this game, command those innovative controls.
Choose different characters like Ken Blocks, Collin McRae and participate in rally races. 12 cool rally cars, adjustable suspension on tunable cars, anti-roll bar, gearbox ratios and ride height ? Rally Racer Dirt offers you everything you could ever want!
Tracks have multiple ground surfaces; you get gravel, grass effects grip, tarmac, drifting and vehicle physics. Rally Racer Dirt comes in 3 modes: survival, realtime multiplayer and challenge mode. In survival mode, you drift and drive and pass checkpoints; in challenge mode, there are 60 different challenges that one has to pass; in real-time multiplayer mode, you race with real people who are your friends or random players. And that?s the real deal about this game: multiplayer mode! Go and race against the world fellas.

Version: 1.5.3
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 55.3 MB
Downloads: 19873
Category: Racing
Licence: Free

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