Real Truck Parking 3D

Real Truck Parking 3D

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About Real Truck Parking 3D

Real Truck Park 3D is a simulator game that simulates your parking skills. The truck can be viewed here at a 3D optic angle outside it. The angle of view can also be changed by clicking on the camera button. Just like any other simulation games, you will have to control the truck using accelerator, brakes and pedals but the difference is that it is mainly about parking it safely in its position. There are different levels in the game and different time limits to control each level. The trucks featured in the game Real Truck Park 3D are all hauling trucks and controlling them will not be that easy. Like some of the other parking games, this one also doesn?t need any wifi or internet access. There will be different 18-wheeler trucks from which you will be required to choose the truck of your choice. It is an exciting parking game which the simulation fans would love playing. However, the game is slow to download. Also, the large number of ads popping up on the screen can make you feel irritated. Otherwise the game Real Truck Park 3D is really enjoyable and will help you to have a great time parking your truck!

Version: 1.2.19
Requires: Android 4.0.3+ Or Higher
Size: 26.3 MB
Downloads: 69961
Category: Puzzle
Updated: 2019-12-20
Licence: Free

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