Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

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About Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a adventure game, and it is set in the post-apocalyptic desert. The combat in the game is suitably fun. You need to make new strategy, and you can explore in the game from various strategy. The game is much better than Rayman adventure and Pirate Empire. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars game is filled with Pirates aesthetic. You will be the bold warrior and captain of flying sand Cruiser you will definitely enjoy the battle of the game. This game has the epic story of the battle, and you can play the online PvP battle along with highly advanced weapons.
Many great features are introduced in Sandstorm: Pirate Wars, you can complete your daily mission for getting extra loot. You can invite your friends and can crush them in battle; you can also create the war machine in the game. Large varieties of the weapons are introduced in the game and these also include Drones, Lasers, Cannons definitely it is the perfect game for adventure.

Version: 1.19.2
Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
Size: 26.9 MB
Downloads: 18132
Category: Adventure
Licence: Free

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