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Subway Surfers

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About Subway Surfers

When we talk about the finest endless running games in the world, the one that will certainly bag the first position is the Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers have been very popular among the players all over the globe and there are many players who play this mobile game every day. The game has been rated as the top game of the year by many gaming websites and it is available in several platforms.
Subway Surfers are developed by one of the giants in the business, Kiloo. Kiloo is known for its excellent mobile games that they develop and they are the best in the business. After many successful games they have come up with this one, the best in their kitty till date. The company is based in Finland.
The game Plot:
The game is an endless running game created for mobile phones initially. The game revolves around the teenage boy who keeps on running in a railway track which is filled with obstacles. In the process of running in the subway, the teenage boy can collect coins which will enable him to earn different advantages in the game ahead. There are jumps, rolls and moves which the character needs to get those perfect to advance in the game.
There are powerups that the character can take which will enable the teenage boy to run faster. There are also other types of powerups such as the following:
Super jumpers
Super sneakers
Coin magnets
Score multipliers
There are two more interesting characters in the game that has also been quite popular among the people. There is a dog and an inspector that chases the guy who goes on breaking all the rules in the subway.
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Version: 1.64.1
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 61.4 MB
Downloads: 257280
Category: Arcade
Licence: Free

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