Survival Island

Survival Island

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About Survival Island

In Survival Island game you can feel all about the desert and you will be alone in the desert with the hungry and wild animals. In the island your friend will be just tress and ore. The game is much better from Tropical Island and Survival craft. In the island people were living years ago, you can see the mysterious house in the desert but you will be alone in that island. In the game there is no guarantee that you can survive for one night also, but you should have the great effort for surviving and very soon you will be addicted to the simulator life of wild.
For hunting animals you can use any kind of tool, in case animal will die on hunting you can easily collect your food from there. The great features of game are survival, 3D effect of the wildlife, beautiful nature which looks real, graphics are very cool.

Version: 1.21
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 16949
Category: Adventure
Licence: Free

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