The Wraiths of Eden

The Wraiths of Eden

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About The Wraiths of Eden

The game makes all players to plunge in the best enthralling adventure of sea. Most games are there that are so much filled with adventure yet this game is totally unique because it has the theme of adventure in sea! The explorer named Robert Marceau got disappeared in some type of mysterious situations. Now, it?s the task of Robert?s fianc?e to find him under all gloomy depths of such a sea where her fianc?e got lost. The player in this game would dive in some unsettling water and unknown mystery for investigating.
Player helps in investigation and finding of sunken city Eden that got controlled by some demons. You also have to take time for finding all hi8dden objects along with confronting sea monsters. It?s actually a heart pounding quest where player would save the missing diver from sea.
The wonderful features of the Abyss game are here: ? The strategy guide is created so that in depth understanding of game is achieved.
? The levels and modes of playing are set in three levels which are: casual, advanced, expert.
? There is the unusual type of domino game along with 22 other mini games.
? The dazzling exotic water locations are there in this game.
? There are some hidden objects that are to be searched in scenes inside sea.
All features along with brilliant and stunning graphics of sea water makes game so much interesting that players are fond of it. The game is there in many languages like the Spanish, Portuguese and others.

Version: 1.3
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Downloads: 6849
Category: Puzzle
Licence: Free

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