Warlings Armageddon

Warlings Armageddon

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About Warlings Armageddon

Warlings Armageddon it is the great game in which you will love to kill your enemies. The game is filled with new edition and you will enjoy the warlings in the game. The game is much better from Worms 2: Armageddon. This game is played by the 3million people and you can think about the craze of game in all over world. In the game you can move forward and can fight with the different enemies. In whole game you will get almost 30 weapons and the game is depend of 10 unique maps and there are many more maps which are yet to arrive.
You will also get the allowance to play with the online players, this is the best thing of game you can defeat your opponent players in order to get the master rank in all around world. You can play this game with your friends and can enjoy all the features of game. The game is fully destructible and with around 30 weapons and 10 unique maps will help you in finding the direction. You can also customize the weapons and can play this game with the help of Bluetooth and can get the good ranks in the leader boards.

Version: 3.6.0
Requires: Android 3.0.x Or Higher
Downloads: 6029
Category: Strategy
Licence: Free

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