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About AndroVid

The AndroVid is a standard Android video editor. This video editor is highly functional to merge, split, trim and transcode your videos on-the-go. A highly added feature in this app is that it enables you to add text, music, and video effects to enhance your videos. It can play recorded or ripped high quality videos with ease. If you are an efficient high quality video editor, look no further, this is the app for you. The tools and utilities in this app are key framing, storyboard display and timeline display. The editing features are audio transitions, colour correction, drag and drop, and video transitions. The video and audio effects are audio transitions, correction and adjustment, transformation effects, video transitions, and visual effects.

Version: 2.7.0
Requires: Android 2.3.3 Or Higher
Size: 15.1 MB
Downloads: 25962
Category: Browsing
Licence: Free

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