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About UC Mini

UC Mini is the lighter version of UC Browser for mobile and it provides pretty good experience that comes in a small package. It is a small browser that comes in just a couple of Megabytes of files. If you have an Android phone with less space for storage or lower specifications then this is a great browsing option. Despite coming in such a small package UC Mini still comes with great, full features.
The lighter version of UC Browser Mini loads the web pages much faster than the other applications used for browsing. Thanks to the innovative speed dial feature, you can access all your favorite web sites in an instant. UC browser mini also includes several different features that you like on your desktop browsing, such as incognito browsing mode and downloads menu. The night mode option is also great if you want to lower some colors, so you can easily read something without hurting your eyes.
UC Browser Mini will maximize your online experience, without taking much space on your device. It is a very adaptable application, and it smoothly synchronizes with the network connection of your mobile device. This allows much faster browsing, faster downloads and you can also save some money on the data costs.

The following are the main features of the UC Browser Mini:
1) Speed - UC Browser Mini application easily and accurately detects the internet connection of your device. That in turn allows you to browse smoothly on the most appropriate version on the web site that you are looking at. UC Bowser Mini has an integrated smart algorithm that helps in this process.
2) Download - Your phone can serve as a powerful tool for downloading different materials. You have the option to download several files at once, or download while you browse without worrying about anything. If your download gets suddenly interrupted, the browser reconnects automatically and stores the file on your mobile device.
3) Full Screen and Night Mode - UC Browser Mini supports full screen while you play your videos online. The night mode is a unique feature through which your eyes get protected when browsing in the dark.
4) Browsing Incognito - You can browse in incognito mode, without leaving any mark or trace, in a completely same way like you do on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
5) Correct Layout - The web pages of the sites are properly optimized to look better on smaller screens on mobile devices.
6) Navigation Cards - With this option you can get customized and local news about different services, such as sports matches, videos, etc.
7) Controlling Videos through Gestures - There are different gesture commands through which you can control and adjust the volume of the video and its progress.
8) Other things to Discover - You should check out some other things by yourself such as the QR Code, Save Page, Text-Only Mode, Cloud Download, etc.

These are some main characteristics of this application, and if you want to experience and check all the benefits then you should download it and test it for yourself. It does not require high space, and yet it is very powerful app. You may also try full version of UC Browser

Version: 10.7.9
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 1.7 MB
Downloads: 21836348
Category: Browsing
Licence: Free

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