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Pokemon GO APK

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About Pokemon GO APK

Pokemon GO is an enlarged, location-based reality game that is created by Niantic for mobile devices, including Android and iOS operating systems. Here you can download Pokemon GO apk. This game was released in the different parts of the world in July 2016. This game is for mobile devices, hence it can be played on mobile phones and players can use GPS and Camera devices to confine battle and instruct virtual Pok?mon, it appears real in the virtual world, and the virtual creature appears the same location as the player in the real world. The Pokemon game is free to download, but, the game requires in-app, and you have to purchase in order to get extra gameplay items.
Pokemon GO Plus is a small tool that allows you to play Pokemon GO while you are driving and not seeing your Smartphone. You can connect this GO plus device to your Smartphone through Bluetooth and it informs you about the game events, including the look of a Pok?mon close by using a vibration and LED.
The Pokemon GO, the game is about traveling between the virtual world of Pok?mon and the real world, and this game is particularly designed Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone devices. The game helps you discover the virtual creature Pokemon in an entirely new world, which could be your own world! The game Pokemon GO is built on a platform of Niantic?s Real World Gaming and it uses genuine locations to support players to explore far and large in the actual world to find Pok?mon. The game facilitates you to catch several hundreds of species as Pokemon when you search in surrounding.
The Pokemon Go and other game series have utilized real locations like the Kanto and Hokkaido locations in Japan, Paris, and New York as an idea of the fancy settings to start the game. In the Pokemon GO game, the actual world is the surroundings.
You just need to go out and explore the surrounding to catch the wild Pokemon creature. You explore towns and cities where you live and also you can search around the world to catch as many virtual Pok?mon creatures as you can. If you find a Pokemon, then immediately take goal on your Smartphone?s touchscreen and to catch the Pok?mon through a Pok? Ball and catch it fast otherwise it will run away quickly. Also, see where you can find Pok?Stops that are mostly located at the attractive places like monuments, historical markers, and public art settings, where you can accumulate more Poke Balls and other interesting items.
Modify Your Trainer:
When you play Pokemon GO initially, you will get to modify the appearance of your Trainers by selecting accessories and apparel to give him/her a smart look. The modified character will emerge as you move into the region on the map, and also on your profile page. The other Pokemon GO players can see your virtual character when they visit.
Affix to Your Pok?dex:
In the game, you will achieve levels as a Trainer, and when you reach a higher level, you can catch more influential Pokemon to intact your Pok?dex. Also, you can get access to even more influential items like Great Bulls, which can help you catch Pokemon cleverly. You just need to encountering and exploring Pokemon to improve your level. Download Pokemon GO APK & start enjoying the endless game.

Version: 0.33.0
Requires: Android 4 Or Higher
Downloads: 73604
Category: RPG
Licence: Free

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