Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

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About Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

This app increases your phone?s standby time. On installing battery doctor you can save a significant amount of power and hence, extend the life of the battery. When you enable battery doctor and put your phone on charge, it uses a three step charging in order to ensure that your battery gets charged fully and quickly. When extra hardware and apps run needlessly in your phone, it loses its charge swiftly. This app shuts down all the apps in the background, dims the backlight and also shuts down other unused apps. This improves your battery life and also boosts the performance of your phone.

Version: 5.1.0
Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
Size: 13.1 MB
Downloads: 30732
Category: Security
Licence: Free

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